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Friday, April 20, 2007

Movies and Malls

Apr 14:

Going to the movies in a mall….weird as it is, as someone who has been here for 6 weeks, I have never really had a proper mall experience. I had an aborted coffee meeting a month ago that had to be reconvened in Deira City Centre mall underground car part. This time I returned in a different mode. I was very keen to find myself a mall meal and to indulge myself in a hopefully escapist movie drama. Started out with a taste of the normal me however, with a plan to walk there in the late afternoon heat. Did fairly well, but the creek ran out of pavement and I had to hail a cab, still I was more than half way there, and had checked out the Deira wharfage to the accompaniment of Ornette Coleman. The meal was fantastic, a cheap beef lasagna straight from the microwave, best meal Ive had in several weeks. Entered the enormous movie house quite excited. Sitting in the screen room I was thinking of seeing movies with X in Jerusalem. To my amazement the music was 4 Non-Blondes, very much part of the soundtrack of those times. The Movie was The Provocation. A true story of an Asian woman imprisoned for life in the UK for killing her husband. Didnt turn out so bad for her or for me. She found prison a kind of freedom and got to run into a very cool Miranda Richardson, who had also done her husband in, and happened to know a QC who could help out with the Asian woman’s appeal. The prison scenes were as moving as the marriage flashbacks were painful. The shabab in the audience found it less engaging. Couldn’t for the life of me work out what they were doing there, but then there is not a less else to do, despite 12 screens to choose from at this particular cinema. The Indian actress is a famous bollywood beauty, which may have something to do with it. Left elated, and remained happy even after a failed attempt to walk home via a motorway tunnel….

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