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Sunday, October 14, 2007

"Extremists" allegedly threaten Bryan Adams

It now appears that the Jericho event has been cancelled due to threats from "extremists". However this will not prevent Mr Adams performing at the Tel Aviv event. Sad that the organisers/"artists" felt so intimidated by threats when security dangers are a daily reality on the ground for the locals. According to organisers "One Voice", the event is under threat from Palestinian "extremists", but this organisation is currently sparing most of their factional invective for rivals in the peace camp who have apparently been accusing them of petitioning for a sell-out of the refugee cause.

I must say I didn't think that Palestinian "militants" would have been responsible for the threat to the event in Jericho, given that the performers would probably be seen as "useful idiots", to quote a dead Russian's dictum. I thought in fact that the Rabin killers may have gotten their way in Jericho, and would then be free to threaten the event in Tel Aviv. One Voice seem to be implying that "hardline" (often western) peaceniks have stirred up some dangerous local Palestinian hostility to the Jericho gig. But what do the organisers of the event think would have happened in Jericho? Palestinians suicide bombing fellow Palestinians attending a music event?


Anonymous said...

surely the Summer of 69 was an inspred paen to the glories of rock no roll rebellion dude?

Neil Partrick said...

as no other person is going to contribute to my awesome blog...I will reply to Halib, my greatest fan. The Boys of 69, Halib, as you well know, was one of the most excreable examples of the rock n roll form ever to be condemned to vinyl...