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Friday, November 23, 2007

Limbo land

It's a strange state to be in, between research projects, awaiting the call to authorise the next phase. I have completed revisions on a major, if imperfect, piece of work related to the Gulf, but it is currently stalled in the company's internal decision-making machinery. Other things understandably have a greater priority, and my manager, I believe, does not know if he has the energy to try to reconstruct the piece of completed work with me. In the meantime I consider ways to preoccupy myself, ploughing through research and interview notes and conducting meetings, calls and on-line searches to prepare for the next piece of work. Until then it's a waiting game, a game of patience. Bigger events preoccupy the upper echelons and personal matters no doubt intrude on people's time. The world does not revolve around my concerns, but there is a distinct feeling of being left in limbo land


Anonymous said...

I think Limbo was officially dismantled a year or so ago so you must be somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

In the People's Democratic Republic of Inertia perhaps?

Anonymous said...

looks like u might soon be lifted out of the dangling, limbo, state that you have been put in, and given sufficient respect to be cut free in order to make your way without answering to the arboreal embracers