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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stiffs and stuff

Thought I would fire this up after a five month lull, in part to see if any of my legions of followers are still out there, or still alive for that matter. A few stiffs have been registered of late. Among those who made a particular mark on my radar were Captain Beefheart, Gerry Rafferty and Anthony Howard. The Captain could disappear up his own arse musically but particular album highlights for me were "Decals", "Spotlight Kid" and Ice Cream for Crow. If you want accessible Captain, try Bluejeans and Moonbeams, which includes a JJ Cale cover, Same ol Blues Again. The infamous Trout Mask has its moments (in short doses or longer if you're in the right, assisted, mood), Dachau Blues was one track that made an impression on me among others. Anthony Howard is best remembered for editing "The Crossman Diaries" and general press and TV punditry. Gerry Rafferty's late 70s album "City to City" is very good (whatever one thinks of Baker Street). Then there is what became the psycho soundtrack "Stuck in the Middle With You" because it was used in Reservoir Dogs. (It was written during the Stealer's Wheel phase 20 years earlier). Having read his very sad obituary in The Guardian, his late 60s/early 70s solo number Mary Skeffington also took on a very poignant note. It's about his mother.

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