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Friday, August 2, 2013

The E17 Summer Art Show - Penny Fielding’s Interiors, Walthamstow, London

More than 100 pictures from over 80 artists, this show has a lot of material and some of it is actually rather good. However attending the opening in a shop in Walthamstow Village was an arduous experience. Popularity is no bad thing of course. Penny Fielding has managed to cram in a lot of new work alongside the clothes, ornaments, cards et al that her shop ordinarily features. However somehow the heat, the sheer volume (in all senses) of Village people, and £4 quid for a glass of average plonk somewhat put me off of proceedings.

If you peer carefully among the vast quantity of stuff housed in such a small space, you will see some very good work among the sometimes quite ordinary stuff. A striking painted image (see above) of a literary figure (?), a new Anna Allcock, impressive wood block prints, distressed photographs (whatever they are), and straight ahead middle brow work that would suit the unthinking home maker. It’s all here. If the exhibition gets its informational side together – the guide is part catalogue, part builder’s floor plan – the experience will no doubt be enhanced.


Unknown said...

Great Blog Neil!

Emma said...

Very good blog Neil, thank you. Made me want to experience it. I loved the final picture of woman's head - can you post a close up?? Emma x

Neil Partrick said...

Thanks Emma, the artist is someone called Carne Griffiths, I think he has a website of that name all the best.